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Securing data in Motion

MicroTokenization Security for an Internet of Things

Securing data at Rest

Secure Digital Safety Deposit Box

Secure Cloud Systems, Inc. is the parent to Eclypses and CertainSafe. The company was founded in 2010. The operations and development team is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

Eclypses was developed by Secure Cloud Systems, Inc. for an "Internet of Things". The Eclypses platform enhances cyber security for "data in motion" by providing MicroTokenization® capabilities. MicroTokenization® is a software and process solution that replaces actual data with MicroToken Clusters selectively or throughout the complete information ecosystem. In the event that network or communications are "hacked" relevant data remains secure, systems remain operational, and data remains un-exploitable.

Our mission is to provide organizations and individuals with technology, services, and education, for the secure management of their sensitive digital information, assisting them to mitigate risks and protect their reputation and assets. The CertainSafe solution enhances cyber security for "data at rest", by providing our award winning MicroTokenization® and MicroEncryption® capabilities at a level never before possible. A CertainSafe Digital Vault high security cloud storage solution mitigates risk, ensures compliance and protects your reputation with your clients.